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We serve specific and diversified needs of our business partners segregated into four Business Units: Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Assorted Fashion Apparel, Convenience Chain and Luxury goods of Mobile. Our HQ specialist team provides each Business Unit the support covering the entire value chain: from marketing, sales, distribution, logistics and customer service.
The FMCG division is Myanmar's leading provider on fast moving consumer goods, personal care and baby products. We strategize new market entry strategy from product feasibility studies, distribution set-up, sales, marketing and merchandising and warehousing. We bring value added expertise and in-depth local knowledge, establish network to facilitate the growth of our partners brand. We have a network relationship with 34 sub-distributor points nationwide and operate 7 distribution offices in the country. MIB is also the sole distributor of Softlove&Softex diapers, SweetySanitary Napkins and Kao Personal Care.

Baby Diapers & Smart Pants

Extra softness to keep your baby dro. Refastening tape as needed. For maximum absorbency.
Protection from side leakage.

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Facial Foam

A wide range of facial cleansing foams which is formulated with natural products for smoother, brighter and healthier skin.

Shower Cream

Experience love touch skin after every shower. Bioreí enriched mild foam gives not only nourishing and moisturizing skin but also protects and restores for visibly healthy love touch skin.


The Japanese soap brand available in Elegant floral and Fresh floral fragrances. Enriched with natural moisturisers.

Adult Diaper

Anti Bacteria, Strong refastening tapes adult diaper with ultra cover to keep dry and double protection and its extra absorbency transforms liquid into gel.

Happy Nappy
Smart Pant

Quality smart pant with softer elastic waist to keeps your baby Ďs skin dry and comfort.Full leakage systems effectively prevent leaks at the legs and above waist line.

Sanitary Napkin

Double protection to prevent leakage and wrinkled. Soft wings protection and flexible. Strong ad hesiveto keep it steady. Contains PH balance to prevent skin irritations.


Premium Battery with metal type,Top and Bottom, Aluminium Jacket and No Mercury Added. Non-rechargeable type and available for three sizes.

We are in the business of Lifestyle fashion for more 7 years. Today, the Bossini brand is perceived to be "the" premium brand for the affluent class in Myanmar. Our network of >30 stores nationwide has created Bossini as the leading and fastest growing fashion brand in Myanmar.In June this year, we will introduce one of Europe's leading brand into Myanmar. This will complete the first phase of our expansion program, ultimately achieving our objective to be a leader in the Fashion Industry.

Convenience Chain

Our ABC convenience chain is the industry leader in introducing the new concept of convenience shopping to the people in Myanmar. We bring the concept of organized shopping in a cool, clean and quality environment. During this short period, we have established ABC as the biggest in retail chain and have plans to further accelerate our expansion program.

Today, ABC is located in all key strategic location and township in Yangon. We have the most number of stores, giving access to our customers and suppliers the opportunity to leverage their product on our network. We stress on providing and maintaining highest standard in product quality and services.

The Business Unit employs more than 300 employees providing job opportunities to various part of the city.


Our Mobile unit offers the latest models and wide range of Fuji & Samsung cameras. These Products are available and distributed nationwide including wholesalers in all key cities in Myanmar. We provide the masses with a range of premium and affordable cameras to satisfy diverse customer demand.

We are one of the pioneer in offering a wide range of ZTE mobile (biggest mobile manufacturer in China) in Myanmar. With our leading marketing & sales capabilities and infrastructure, we provide our clients accelerated market assess to achieve the No. 1 status in the long term.

Myanmar Indo Best Company Limited