Myanmar Indo Best Company Limited


Myanmar Indo Best Company Limited

Our Value

People: Right People, Right Position with the Right Attitude

Seeking the right talent with positive attitude will have overall stimulating effect on the organization. Debate yet unify behind decisions regardless of personal interest is vital to success. A culture to reward the right people which is our most important asset.

Transparency: Reality, Facts & Innovation

Confront facts and reality of the situation to make the right & responsible decisions. A culture where people have the opportunity to be heard, the right to ask questions and challenge to do things differently.

Discipline: People, Thoughts and Action

Create a culture of freedom within a framework where the system manage the people. A self discipline culture to turn potential into reality and the discipline to say NO if we cannot be the best.

Quality: Simply Excellence

Simplicity through quality. Consistent quality in all our products and services, delivering and exceed customer/stakeholder expectations.
Myanmar Indo Best Company Limited